Saturday, March 26, 2011

mi button, su button

The Luckadoo-Overby Wedding Weekend is in full swing. The Gators are currently beating Butler 23-15. I just consumed the most delectable BBQ food: mac & cheese from scratch + hush puppies... delish!! Needless-to-say, this weekend is jam-packed full of family & fun! I have a little down time between the luncheon before the evening ceremony + dessert reception... and thought I would take this time to give you the opportunity to share a little blog love + grab a Suburbs of Utopia button! Take your pick! I made 2! =)
Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend filled of rolling over + over + over, fake coughing, baby squeals, making animal noises, reading books with 3 words on each page (even better when they rhyme)... or whatever tickles your fancy (like a Burb-ia button!)... but swooning over Reese is definitely what's ticklin' mine on this nice day for a white wedding! =)

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