Monday, March 28, 2011

much-to-celebrate-monday: happy-go-lucky edition.

My plane home is 2 3 hours canceled kind of delayed due to this balmy weather and while the rain may be taking precious hours off the amount of beauty sleep I will receive tonight (getting home at approximately 1am and up for work a painfully few 4 hours later tomorrow at 3:30p.m...) I'm not going to let it rain on my much-to-celebrate-monday parade! Not an optimist's chance... I just ordered myself an extra tall blue moon in this here airport and am utilizing these hours I didn't think I'd get today to blog!  =)
First and foremost, can I tell you how excited I am for Britney Spears new album to drop tomorrow?? THIS video was taken by my dear friend, Biddy, in Vegas 2 years ago almost to the date when him & I saw B. Spears perform at the MGM in Vegas! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself... as evidence by my daft giggling + insane HAIR ... and he recorded the video to prove it/let me never forget it! But the shiny silver lining to the huge black rain cloud that is encumbering the entire state of Florida (and making me question whether I will be making it home tonight!  Question answered! Officially grounded.) is that I will still be awake tonight when my pre-ordered CD is uploaded to my iTunes at midnight. Winning!!
Can I get a fist pump for my sexy wedding date this weekend?? Not only is it reason enough to celebrate getting to see this beautiful woman for four fabulous days but I'm celebrating the fact that this is the first time in my entire life that it didn't feel like an eternity since the last time I saw her! I have gotten to spend so much time with Grams these past few months she almost could be considered a part of my "everyday life"!! Good night!!
And can we talk about how happy + lucky I feel... to live my life?? Can we talk about how lucky I am to be going to GRAD SCHOOL in the fall?!! Can I tell you that I am so happy I could just cartwheel for receiving a SECOND acceptance letter last week!? I swear I am having deja vu as 2 weeks ago when I spent my weekend in Knoxville with Reese + Kara + Creed, I was celebrating my acceptance in to Vanderbilt University and this weekend: University of Washington! (Read: the #1 nursing school in the country!!!) What's a happy-go-lucky but terribly {indecisive} girl to do??
{double chin alert} 
I guess there's only one thing to do... hop on the next flight to Seattle and check out my prospective future alma mater... of a MASTERS DEGREE... and hope that my answer lies in the copious amounts of coffee shops + opportunities to wear Wellingtons that Seattle offers!! =) Ohmyword. Although I have only 13 days to decide where... I am really actually going to have 3 new + awesome letters behind my name next year: J. Kirk, RN, BSN, NNP .... So, so celebrating how much I LOVE the sound of that!!  =)
Isn't celebrating the absolute best way to start each new week? Only thing better is getting to celebrate with my favourite little monkey today!! Reese is most definitely celebrating, too... by sitting up all by herself!!  & you better believe there are more pictures to follow of her + that ridiculously cute beanie!!

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Jen said...

What a wonderful accomplishment, being accepted to two amazing schools! Looks like everything is going great for you. Congrats! :)