Monday, March 14, 2011

a celebration of acceptance.

While I am equally spending today celebratin' how excited I am for The Bachelor (Kara, I loathe you for getting me addicted to reality-TV-at-its-finest-worst + that now I secretly aspire to be the next Bachelorette!) season finale that is on tonight ... & that its my roommates' THREE YEAR anniversary today (yaay for y'all! Have I mentioned how much I just love meg+david?)... & being able to buy gender-specific coloured clothing for my preggo bestie because she found out what combination of X's and Y's she will be welcoming in to the world come August (and let me in on her little secret!)... & that the feeling of spring break has permeated South Tampa's streets...& the weather... ya, its 75 degrees again today! & I'm headed to the beach... in a bikini + cowboy hat. =)... but mostly I'm celebrating a little letter I received in the mail last week:
     {How chubby are my fingers?!}

Dear Ms. Kirk,
It's official. You're going to be a Master!
Vanderbilt --- an SEC school, 2.5 hours from my sister/Reese, located in a kickass city with a program that will allow me to be an NNP next summer!! =)

Cue fireworks, champagne popping, + {cup}cake cutting!!

Life just keeps getting better + better. I actually found out a few weeks ago when I just so happened to be in Nashville + just so happened to stop by the nursing school office where my file just so happened to be sitting on the admissions council's desk when I learned I just so happened to get in...
The administrator said it so nonchalantly... "Oh, what's your name? Your files right in front of me. Ya, you were accepted, young lady!"... that I almost didn't believe it until Carly called me back: "You were accepted in to Vandy?! Shut the f*ck up!" ... and it was those four sweet congratulatory words that confirmed that this was JUST SO HUGE! But I haven't spoken much about it because I really have kinda been in total disbelief/not 100% positive that is where I would be going but my official letter arrived last week and its real, baby! I'm going to be a Master!!! I can hardly wait to go lab coat shopping!! =)  

Oh, much-to-celebrate-Monday! I'm just so happy you're here + filled to the brim with goodness! =)


Anonymous said...

You earned that acceptance into Vandy, my girl!! Blow your horn.
You are the envy of many, many people!!! Love you lots Grams

Deidre said...

Congratulations Jocelyn! You are finally getiing what you deserve. I am so proud of you! xoxo

Jenna E said...

Congrats!!! So exciting!!!