Tuesday, December 14, 2010

in case you were wondering where I have bean ...

This blogger has bean been on a fabulous vacation in the Windy City (have you bean been following the news?? Windy it was!) but I'm back (in Tennessee +) on my blog!!! =) It's 1:35 in the am and I've bean been singing Christmas carols for the last eight hours through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, snow, hail, icy roads, etc. I'm excited for all the fun pictures I took the last 7 days and the 5 (and counting!) favorite things I have to post but for now, I am going to sneak downstairs and get a snack (I thought I saw Christmas Crack on the counter!!) and then try (operative word: try!) to get some sleep... but here's a little preview of where I've bean been! (That will never get old to me!)  =)

***B.T.W. - Don't be deceived by the apparent blue skies and sunshine in these photogs ... it's about 10 degrees + I couldn't feel any of my phalanges at this point!... but they do make a pretty awesome backdrop!*** 

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