Thursday, December 02, 2010

M.F.T. #2: 10301 Autumn Valley Lane

I was rather overwhelmed with the list I started to compile after I blogged about Reesey P. yesterday. Apparently, there are waaay more than twenty-five fabulous things in my life and I am having an incredibly hard time deciding how I am going to narrow down my brainstorm. One thing that I know for sure would be included on my list is M.F.T. #2: 10301 Autumn Valley Lane  
This is the Williams residence. Just the street name alone warms my soul! It is in a very quaint neighborhood that rivals Wisteria Lane in picture perfect-ness, except it's on a Rocky Top... this is Tennessee, after all. Every house along their street has a seasonal wreath on the front door and a minivan in their driveway (except the Williams - they prefer a Jeep!)  My sister, Kara and her husband, Creed, bought the house in April and in this short 7-ish months, they have certainly made it into a home. If you close your eyes really tight and imagine what your dream home would look/feel like, 10301 Autumn Valley Lane would be beyond your wildest dreams. It is one of those homes where you walk in and you wonder what's baking in the oven that smells so good (Fooled ya! It's a Butter Cream Cookies Scented Candle!) Everything is engraved with a "W" and everything has a place.  Here the towels (actually) retain the scent of fresh, crisp linen (Kara prefers Gain's Apple Mango Tango) and every room is full of framed pictures of all their memories together. It is the perfect foundation to a family; Reese and her modern forest nursery fit right in! Kara and Creed have graciously allowed me to join them in their little utopia while I figure out what direction my life will lead me in next. I'm hoping that bedazzled, glittery, pink life compass that led me to one spectacular year in Los Angeles has something super stellar lined up in this next chapter, something that's beyond my wildest dreams. 

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