Wednesday, December 15, 2010

M.F.T. #13: Musicals, especially from the front row.

Good evening!! I thought by now, halfway through my 25 Days of Christmas, I would be searching for things to write about but really I am struggling with just the opposite - what I am going to leave out! I've been watching The Sing-Off for the past hour and I can't get over how incredible this show is!! It rivals Glee in amazing renditions of good music that make me feel all warm & silky inside!! And can we talk about how adorable Ben Folds is?! Watching any musical performance, I usually get all giddy and grin from ear-to-ear through the entire song/show... especially when I get to see them live! In the front row!!! Because I won the lottery!! Sunday, Megan got snowed in to Chicago so we had an entire extra day to see the city and we headed down to the Cadillac Palace Theatre 2 hours before the matinee show of Wicked... my new favorite musical!!... to enter in to the lottery drawing they hold before every show in which anyone can put their name in to a witch's hat (how apropos!). They give away 20 tickets for $25/each valued at $165 in the very front row! Like you could count the hairs on the conductor's head from where we were sitting... and I WON!! 2 tickets to most amazing musical ever!! Loved Wicked. Loved Chicago. Love the idea of living there in the spring... =)
 We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the theatre so that's why they're so dark...
 but this is us! In the front row!! At Wicked!! For $25!!!

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