Wednesday, December 15, 2010

M.F.T. #12: Being a twenty-something.

I seriously love being twenty-something! I always thought being a college student was the perfect limbo between teen and adulthood but I have found a new happy medium between carefree and responsibility post-university/pre-thirties and it's being twenty-four years old. Thirty is the new twenty which just bought me ten more years to figure out the rest of my life! Well, I've already used up four of them so technically I have six exciting years to get a masters degree, backpack Europe, settle in a city (where in the world will that be?), get married, buy a house and have a baby...  no, seriously. The schematic of my life (I drew it myself!) assures me that all those wonderful things will happen before my 30th birthday but for now, I'm embracing being a typical twenty-something with no ties to anything... ready to take on the world! =) The quintessence of twenty-something, my life is full of maybes at the moment. Maybe, I'll go to the gym. Maybe, I'll sleep til 2:00. Maybe, I'll travel the world. Maybe, I'll join the peace corps. Maybe, I'll go back to school. Maybe, I'll stay at home drinking hot cocoa or maybe I'll stay out all night drinking cosmos. Maybe, just maybe, I'll figure out myself + this crazy little thing called love... I mean life... I mean... are those two words interchangeable? One thing is for sure I will have a lot of fun in doing so because the 21st century twenty-something is allowed to be a professional by day and sing karaoke by night. It's completely acceptable to wear lacy bras under my your scrubs. It's okay to take spur-of-the-moment trips in the middle of the week to meet up with your best friends who don't live under the same roof anymore... but if they still did, that would be okay too. It's great that you get to host your own birthday parties and dress up for Halloween in the same size of costume you wore when you were 10... and look good doing so. It's okay to plan your day/week/month/year entirely around yourself. It's the perfect mixture of sophistication and spontaneity, complimented by a little anticipation and a lot of determination. It's my favorite thing #12.

 Speaking of things it may only be acceptable for you to do in your twenties... while in Chicago, Megan & I attended TBOX: 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl through Wrigleyville with all of Chicago's finest twenty-somethings!  

To twenty-somethings!!! Cheers!!
Special Delivery ----
 Chocolate Syrup + Peppermint Schnapps! 
What's in the box, Garrett??

Our first bands of the day acquired at 9:30 ... the Shedd Aquarium!! =)
 9:30 p.m. and going strong ... 

Lost in a sea of Santa hats ... Happy Holidays!!

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