Wednesday, December 15, 2010

M.F.T. #11: Breakfast (in bed)

 Good morning! My absolute favorite meal of the day is breakfast and while in Chicago, Megan & I indulged in a yummy breakfast everyday (at 50% off!). I'm not a big meal eater and would prefer to graze throughout the day (I wonder if this preference would change if I could cook?). Bfast is the only food group I ever crave ... my favorite item being eggs florentine benedict but California style adding my fave avocado! The only time I can ever abandon my "eat like a bird" tendencies and join the clean plate club is between the hours of 9 and noon, or on the rare occasion when I get really crazy and eat eggs & toast for dinner! Getting up at 5:55am for shift, the thought of consuming any kind of food makes me nauseous so most days my most important meal of the day consists of a piping hot cup of coffee but on the days when I get to laze around in my peejays or order room service because its just too cold out to get out of bed (pictured above!) nothing makes me happier than a fluffly Belgian Waffle or syrupy-sweet french toast! How delicious does this oatmeal brulee look?

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