Thursday, December 09, 2010

M.F.T. #8 and #9

As I write this from my hotel room in Chicago, I'm excited to say my favorite thing #8 is big cities! I love the skylines! I love the busy excitement! I love the crowds of people! I love that everything is connected by freeways. Everyone is connected by culture. Some of my most favorite cities include Paris, Sydney, Seattle, London, Nashville, Auckland, Montreal, Florence, San Diego, Phoenix, Vancouver, New York City and of course, my love Los Angeles! When I think of big cities, I think of delicious new restaurants to try. Concerts in small bars. Museums. A beautiful mixture of people + culture. There is just so much to see and do! Every conversation you have, every corner you turn down could be another window of opportunity... which brings me to my favorite thing #9: (endless) possibility. I never really valued the beauty of the "American Dream" until I spent the last year of my life working in a union that stripped me of this freedom. That put a cap on how high I could succeed... and as I slowly settle back in to America, I'm quickly regaining hopes! dreams! aspirations! I've been (re)inspired to shoot for the moon... my (current) moon being a master's degree in nursing! While I have spent every minute of the last six weeks stressing over the fact that I have no idea where 2011 is going to take me, the notion that no matter what I'm doing I will live in a super cool city brings me an incredible peace of mind! I based my selection of grad schools on locations I would love to live in/reputation so hopefully, 2011 will be full of me furthering my career while simultaneously exploring a new "home"... a place where my friends will actually come visit me!!! Now if you'll excuse me, this possibilitarian is off to seize the city! There are grad schools to visit. Plays to be seen. Aquariums to visit.  

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