Saturday, December 04, 2010

M.F.T. #4: The Florida Gators.

Today is an American Saturday which means I have spent the first half of the day shopping with Grams + the latter part of the day watching college football! And while the Gators did not make it to the SEC Championship this year, I have thought a lot about how the Florida Gators are M.F.T. #4 today. I am so proud of my alma mater! I don't know anything about football (truly, I don't!) but I can't help but get all giddy and excited when the Gators play! Or when I hear Tim Tebow's name! I don't even like the colors orange or bright blue but I have proudly worn them together on shirts, sweatpants, tank tops, tattoos, water bottles, you name it for the past 6 years! I just love the Gators and being a part of the Gator Nation! It's incredibly hard to get in to the University of Florida (if I do say so myself! =) but the quintessential college experience you get when you get there is incredible! College really was the best days of my life (thus far)... Not just because of the tremendous athletics we had in the 4 years I was there when Gainesville was appropriately renamed Title Town (2 basketball championships, 1 football championship and a Heisman Trophy Winner!) but also because of the fantastic education I received! I never realized how adequately prepared I was to leave the hypothetical nursing world that all our exam questions were based on and enter the reality of nursing where nothing ever goes as the textbook planned until I started a residency with college grads from around the country and people kept telling me how far ahead I was in my first few months out of university! Whenever anyone asks me where I went for undergrad, I proudly say the University of Florida! I might sound like I'm bragging and that's probably because I am! I am just so proud to be a Florida Gator!! 

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