Wednesday, December 22, 2010

M.F.T. #16: Skype.

I'm not sure who invented Skype (I wish it was me who did!) but it is seriously the greatest innovation since Virgin America Airline. My ultra-cool Auntie from Vangroovy (is there anything not cool about Vancouver?) introduced me to it a few years back and I never had much use for it (as I do not have friends all over the world like she does!) until I started moving away from all my loved ones once a year. Kara + I skyped a lot when I was in LA + she was in Tennessee. Living in Canada this past year, I depended on Skype to see my besties and had tons of "Skype Dates" with Megan + Carly (Get with the 21st century program, Jess!)!! Starting next Tuesday, Grams' house won't be a 3 hour drive away anymore (cue flood of tears) but now that she is a proud owner of a MacBook!!!!, I intend to do a lot of out-of-province Scrabble Skyping with her! I spent ~ 4 hours tonight on Skype talking to my magnificent Mrs. Lucas + before I could disconnect, I finally got to catch up with my awesome friend Deidre who moved to Australia in October!! Skype has allowed me to see my cousin's apartment in France and my favorite Skype moment was being able to be in the delivery room when Sweet Baby Reese was born in September!!  
**This beautiful memory is why the beauty of skype is my sweet sixteenth favorite thing! =)

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Katie said...

I LOVE the picture of brand new Reese Skyping with you!! That is SO sweet! Skype is the best invention ever but my M. F. T. is that you are blogging so much nowadays!! Will you be in Fort Myers over the holidays? I need to see you!!