Thursday, December 23, 2010

M.F.T. #19: A good workout.

One of the places I am considering moving to for grad school is Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. On my way to Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in Nashville for ~24 hours to visit a NNP I worked with at CHLA (It's a small world!) and have a sleepover with Jess, Seth & Diesel! It was delightful, both the NICU and the slumber party! =) The Cain Family moved to Nashville over the summer and showed me such a lovely preview of what life would be like if I lived there. We went for flamingly gay burritos and Jess + I drank yummy margaritas at 1:00 in the afternoon. We shopped at all the cute shops, watched The Sing Off and played Scrabble 'til our heads hurt. The next morning we woke up and went to the YMCA... and to say I am out of shape is an understatement... but with the discipline of a gym partner like Jess I had a fabulous workout... and have FINALLY gotten back in to the routine of going to the gym since returning to Knoxville! When Jess + I first moved to college together during the summer of '04, we quickly realized that being a college student meant you had A LOT of extra time on your hands and no other obligations to take up all your free time! We could only sleep til noon and waste away so many days watching "I Love the 90's" marathons before you really begin to feel worthless so we started going to the gym with some friends of ours. It was here that I was introduced to the wonderful world of "group exercise" and the following semester I became a group fitness instructor!! My love for fitness expanded when Jess + I decided to run a marathon our junior year in which I almost died... and will never do that again... but once I regained use of my feet, I continued teaching classes and working out and running in all my spare time. It's the best hobby ever! =) This past year, I was ice cold and frankly, needed the extra layer of fat I acquired in my time in Winnipeg not to freeze to death. Under the many layers I had to wear every day just to not be cold, never did I "keep warm", I had hardly noticed how out of shape I had become. But now that I am back in a climate that only requires I wear one layer of clothing, I've noticed. I had lost the craving of going to the gym and have even been known to be too tired/hungry/freezing/lazy that I leave the gym parking lot and cross the street in to the McDonald's drive thru this past year. Amy Aerobics would have been so ashamed... but that craving... not for the fast food but for a good workout!... is back and I can honestly say I have consistently gone to the gym this past week and I feel awesome!! Thank you, Jess for your fabulous hospitality and resparking the Amy Aerobics inside me! =)

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