Saturday, December 04, 2010

M.F.T. #3: Scrabble.

My Favorite Thing #3 is Scrabble. My love for Scrabble has been passed down to me from Grams who got me hooked on the game during our summer/winter breaks together growing up! I would be just as excited to spend a Friday night in my pajamas playing board games with a hot cup of Caramel Truffle Tea than I would to be boarding a plane to go somewhere amazing like Argentina... On second thought, if I was handed a plane ticket to Argentina to explore the wineries, the food, the penguins and the accents I would pack my Scrabble board in my carry-on and be on the first flight out but anywhere else, I would pass. Grams and I play every time we are together and I believe she has only won once! =) Although I always manage to beat her, she's one of our my four top competitors - amongst the likes of Lori, Chris and Carly. It worked out well to have a roommate who is equally as competitive to make up words with individual letters that strategically make up more words like me! I think half the reason I can't remember once ever feeling bored in LA was every time we had a spare moment, we played Scrabble. A random fact about Scrabble - it is a real word that means "to scratch frantically." To me, it's kinda like doing a crossword puzzle (another favorite past time of mine + Carly's) but without the clues! Scrabble + family game night in general is definitely something I will be passing on to my (grand)children!

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